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 01  What is the difference between Tier One and Two?

Tier One are single course modules which can be taken individually, one at a time and in any order. Tier Two are simply cost effective course bundles that include multiple courses and one year of membership to the Board of Addiction Professionals South Africa (BAPSA). 




 02  Can I start with Tier Two, or must I complete the First Tier in order to move on to the Second Tier?

Candidates can start with either of Tiers One and Two. They are essentially the same level, just arranged into bundles that are structured around the candidates needs, and offered at a reduced rate. 




 03  How do I become internationally accredited?

The process in achieving international accreditation is to accumulate both education hours and experience in the addiction field specifically. The international addiction counsellor’s certification (CADC) in our Third Tier for example, requires 300 CEU/CPD Hours addiction specific education and 6000Hrs (3Years) supervised experience in the addiction field in order to apply. If you already meet this criteria, you may apply for the international examination. If not, you can start either with our First Tier doing courses individually, or take one of the packages in Tier Two. 




 04  Where and when are seated courses held?

Seated courses are held in any of the major areas in South Africa, being Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal and the Cape. Seated package bookings run three to four times a year, and candidates can enroll at any time for these, however, dates may change depending on bookings. ACCSA also offers special on site bookings to organizations, treatment facilities and groups. A minimum of ten candidates are required to make a group booking.




 05  When can I enrol for online distance learning?

Online Distance Learning through the ACCSA Distance Portal runs continuousely, allowing candidates to book at any time, and take their live online examination whenever they feel ready.


 06   How are the ACCSA online examinations done?

ACCSA has employed a new Learner Management System (LMS) with After registering for courses or packages with ACCSA, student details will be uploaded to on request. Students will then receive an email from with login details and a link to access the website. After logging in to the website, students will be presented with their relevant examination, and simply need to click on the “Start” button to begin. The exam will be in a multiple choice format and the pass mark is 70%. The package exams are 1 hour long while the individual module exams are 30 mins long. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some of the answers to the most commonly asked questions by candidates and the public. If you don't find what you are looking for here, feel free to send us a mail on the "Contact" tab, or e-mail us privately at We will reply shortly.

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