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First Tier


A full catalogue of various addiction related topics to suit the needs of any candidate of the general public, or the progressing addiction professional.

Second Tier


Cost effective packages tailored to suit the needs candidates interested in addiction counselling, general addiction information, or related fields.

Third Tier


Sought after internationally accredited and recognised addiction certifications through IC&RC that are the end goal of any progressing addiction professional.

Our Services:
  • Addiction Education

  • Online Distance Learning

  • Zoom Lectures

  • Addiction Counsellor Certifications

  • International Certification

  • Examination Facilitation

  • ISO Quality Testing Provider

  • Certification Pre-Test Manuals

  • Professional Support

  • Addiction Resources

  • BAPSA Membership

  • Continuing Education CEU/CPD

  • Addiction Blog

  • National On-Site Training

  • Internship Referral

  • Workshops & Seminars

  • Webinars

  • Conventions

  • Addiction Advocacy

  • Referral Resources

  • Online Store

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