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I recall someone telling me he could be patient as long as he knew that eventually he’d get what he wanted. Well, it’s easy to be patient then. The trick is to have patience when you don’t know the outcome.

We can’t completely eliminate stigma – it’s been around too lon...

It might be a friend, or a colleague. Maybe an ex, or a sort-of relationship. Might be a relative who doesn’t live with you. In any case, their problems are draining YOU of energy and time, and the stress is mounting. It’s a toxic relationship.

When you find yourself in...

September 11, 2019

Preparation Studies for needed credit towards International IC&RC Addiction Counsellor Certification Exam (CADC). Includes 42 Modules on all eight practice domains.

Modules Included:

M1 Eight Practice Dimensions of Addiction Counselling

M2 Addiction Counselling Techniques


Technology is everywhere, and it is not going away. Teenagers stare down at their iPhones, or keep their eyes glued to a tablet or laptop, instead of observing the world around them. It's not unusual to see two adolescents seated together on a bus, texting furiously on...

Addressing the Here-and-Now

Unlike many traditional forms of therapy that analyze problems by taking a deep dive into past life experiences, solution-focused therapy doesn't dwell on the details of why or how things came to be. Solution-focused therapy addresses the her...

Where real support is the result of caring, enabling usually springs from guilt, fear, or a misplaced sense of responsibility for someone else.

"I would want some signs to look for between enabling a loved-one and caring/being supportive of that person? Is there usually...

"But to start opening those doors, someone has to be in the room — that is, they have to be identified (by themselves, preferably, but frequently by others such as the court system or family members) as possible/probable addicts."

Can we agree on a precise, universally...

Many of us already have painkillers sitting on a shelf in the bathroom medicine cabinet, alongside the aspirin and the allergy meds. Sometimes they’re unused from prior medical or dental problems.

The Drugs

Prescription painkillers such as Oxycontin, Vicodin, Percocet, a...

Women with high-achieving personalities are often accomplished and successful. So, what is the connection between executive women and addiction?

Their passion and drive can motivate them to become game-changing entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and innovators. Yet, the same persona...

Two categories of drugs exist in the world today. The first involves those that are used to restore and maintain health or sustain life. These medications alleviate acne, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and keep diabetics alive.

Then, there is the second category....

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Advanced Addiction Counsellor Certificate Package - Starts 19th Feb 2018

January 1, 2018

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