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New Drug Testing Kit Available in SA - Tests Suspicious Substance To Confirm What It Is

A NEW drug detection kit that does not require a hair sample or bodily fluids to test whether a person is using illegal substances is now available in South Africa.

The general manager of Marketing and Consulting, which has obtained exclusive rights to distribute the product in South Africa, Russel Hutton, said the IDenta Touch&Know kit is ideal for use by concerned parents, teachers and companies who are reluctant to directly approach a suspected drug user.

A startling revelation made by a study from the South African National Council on alcoholism and Drug Dependence (Sanca) showed that drug abusers in South Africa were also becoming younger and the number of peoplen being treated in the 14-17 age group had increased by 3% to 22%, adding “it is alarming to note that 3% of clients were 13 years and younger”.

Hutton said: “The kit tests the drug, not the person. It is non-confrontational and non-invasive. Children are being indiscriminately lured into taking drugs by dealers who actively target schools.

“New types of designer drugs are appearing at an alarming rate and drugs like whoonga and nyaope are being crudely mixed to make cheap fixes for desperate addicts. The consequences are disastrous, often ending in death.”

He said many people particularly parents and teachers were reluctant to approach a person they suspected was taking drugs for fear that that would lead to confrontation, distrust, breaking of relationships and alienation.

“We know only too well how rife substance abuse has become in our country but many parents and teachers often have difficulty in getting hard facts on what is happening in their homes and schools. The detection kit gives parents and teachers the hard facts they need in order to seek advice and take effective action,” Hutton said.

The kit tests 21 drug types and as little as a nanogram of a suspicious substance is required to produce a result. The kit directly tests pills, capsules, organic matter, crystals, powders and surfaces and determines within seconds whether a sample is an illegal substance.

Originally developed for use by law enforcement agencies which now use them in the US, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, the test kit has been adapted for general use over the past few years, prompting Vukani to introduce the product in South Africa.

Locally, it will be available at most Clicks pharmacy stores and Clicks stores’ nursing sisters will be able to advise on how to use the kit, which costs R149 including VAT for a single test pack.

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