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Basic Addiction Counsellor Certificate Package Dates and Venues

The Basic Addiction Counseling Certificate is your first step in growing in your training, knowledge and competence in the addiction counselling field. The BACC Package covers the base knowledge and principals every addiction counsellor should know to provide better service to our first priority: the client.

Course Modules:

  • 8 Practice Dimensions of Addiction Counselling

  • Ethics and Legal Responsibilities

  • Addiction Theory Overview

  • Addiction Counselling Techniques

Starting with the 8 Practice Dimensions of Addiction Counseling, where we cover all areas of responsibility and service an addiction counsellor would need to fulfil, in any application of addiction counselling whether in an agency, organisation or private practice. Addiction Theory gives us an overview of the most common and widely known theories of how addiction works, and how it can manifest in the life of an addict. We then follow this up with Counseling Techniques, covering the basic concepts and principals behind addiction counselling, as well as skills we can use and how to apply them. Lastly, we cover the most important information we need adhere to, Ethics and Legal responsibilities. It is vital that addiction professionals are held accountable for their conduct in the role of counsellor, and understand the power dynamics involved in the counselling relationship. Our first priority is always the welfare of the client, and a counsellor who is not fully aware of their ethical and legal responsibilities can cause serious harm to the client.

Basic Addiction Counsellor Certificate Package (BACC) 2018 in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg (13th and 14th October 2018)

Courses: Addiction Theory, 8 Practice Dimensions of Addiction Counselling, Addiction Counselling Techniques, Ethics and Legal Responsibilities in Addiction Counselling

Duration/Credit: 16 Hours CPD/CEU

Description: Foundations Modules/Starter Package

Venue CT: Cape Town Lodge, 101 Buitengracht Street

Venue DBN: Choose Life Clinic, 97 Windmill Road, KwaZulu-

Venue JHB: Genesis Hotel, 10 Sandler Rd, Fairmount,

Times: Sat 9am-6pm, Sun 9am-6pm

Accommodation: Options available in the area

Facilitator: Anel Bekker - Brad Webster - Samantha Van Dalen - Gideon Williams - Natalie Bossi - Caleb Atmore

Cost: R5000

For bookings or information contact us at

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