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All About Treatment Planning

A treatment plan is a collaborative process during which the addiction counsellor and the client identify important treatment goals. It's also necessary to describe measurable and time-sensitive action steps toward achieving those goals, and including the expected outcomes. The client and counsellor will share a verbal agreement too. An individualized treatment plan will show the identified substance use disorders as well as issues related to treatment progress, including relationships with family and significant others, potential mental conditions, employment, education, spirituality, health concerns, and social and legal needs.

The treatment contract is based on the assessment and is a product of negotiation between the client and counsellor to be sure the plan is tailored to the individual’s needs. The language employed throughout the treatment plan should be specific and intelligible to the client and all identified problems may include objectives that intend to solve or mitigate the identified problem. This plan contains specific activities that links the problem with the goal. It describes the services, who will provide them, when they will be provided, and at what frequency. Remember, treatment planning is a dynamic process and the contracts must be regularly reviewed and modified as appropriate.

When formulating a treatment plan, you will need to demonstrate some of the following competencies:

  • Use of relevant assessment information to guide the process

  • Explain the findings of the assessment the client and/or their family

  • Consider the readiness of the client to participate in treatment

  • Prioritize the client’s needs

  • Formulate mutually agreed-on and measurable treatment goals

  • Coordinate treatment activities and community resources in a manner consistent with the client’s diagnosis and existing placement criteria

  • Develop with the client a mutually acceptable treatment plan and method for monitoring and evaluating progress

  • Inform the client of confidentiality rights, program procedures that safeguard them

Interested in learning more about the treatment plan? Invest in a course of studies with us, and your journey into the field of addiction counselling could be become a reality.


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