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About Us


ACCSA was started with one goal in mind: To make quality addiction training and education available first locally and then internationally for the treatment of addiction. ACCSA is here to provide internationally accredited courses and certifications to anyone interested in furthering their knowledge and skill in the field of addiction. ACCSA is a NAADAC approved international continuing education provider (PN: 139312)


ACCSA is evolving to provide education to a broader scope of students, now including other addiction related professions and the general public. Our course and certification structure will continue to grow and evolve every year, ensuring that we keep our standards at world class level. 

Our Services

Addiction Education


ACCSA is your one stop provider of all your addiction education needs for both addiction professionals and the general public sector. Our three Tiers are tailor made to suit any addiction education needs for the starting candidate to the experienced addiction professional.


Online Distance Learning


ACCSA also offers an online distance learning option for selected courses on our portal site: The Online option runs full time and can be started any time of year. Candidates can watch course videos, download manuals and work at their own pace. When the candidate feels prepared for their exam, they can make a booking. 


Addiction Counsellor Certifications


The Third Tier are the IC&RC Internationally recognized and accredited addiction certifications that most addiction professionals strive towards when specializing in the addiction field. ACCSA facilitates the application process with IC&RC Boards in the United States, and facilitates the online examinations as a registered provider for ISO Quality Testing USA.


International Certification


IC&RC is the global leader in the credentialing of prevention, addiction treatment, and recovery professionals. Organized in 1981, it provides standards and examinations to certification and licensing boards in 25 countries, 47 states and territories, five Native American regions, and all branches of the U.S. military.


Examination Facilitation


ACCSA is a registered ISO Quality Testing provider for international online examinations. Additionally, ACCSA facilitates our own examinations through the LMS platform.


ISO Quality Testing Provider


"The mission of ISO-Quality Testing, Inc. (IQT) is to provide secure, user-friendly, high quality, reasonably-priced computerized examination delivery services to credentialing bodies, and the candidates which they examine, at available secure and monitored locations around the world."


Certification Pre-Test Manuals


ACCSA Imports “Ready to Test” manuals and guides for the preparation of most globally offered addiction professional higher certifications. 


Professional Support


Have a question? Email us with any questions you have on available addiction information, treatment protocols and more. We have a large resource of addiction related material, as well as a network of addiction professionals to help you find the answers you need.


Addiction Resources


Information, websites, online stores, documentation, training videos, manuals are just a few of the resources that ACCSA is constantly exploring and acquiring to ensure we have a wealth of resources to draw from.


BAPSA Membership


ACCSA is approved by the Board of Addiction Professionals South Africa (BAPSA). Included in our Second Tier Packages, candidates will receive the first year of membership to BAPSA as an added bonus, free of charge. BAPSA promotes addiction education in South Africa and as gesture of collaboration, allowed us to give our students this incentive. BAPSA Membership is for Addiction Professionals supporting continuous training and education in the addiction field. Members of BAPSA agree to uphold the highest level of ethics, legal and professional responsibilities in the field of addiction in South Africa. Being a member of BAPSA is a statement and commitment to strive for excellence.


Continuing Education CEU/CPD


Continuing professional development (CPD) or continuing education units (CEU) is the means by which people maintain their knowledge and skills related to their professional lives. CEU obligations are common to most professions. Many professions define CEU as a structured approach to learning to help ensure competence to practice, taking in knowledge, skills and practical experience. CEU can involve any relevant learning activity, whether formal and structured or informal and self-directed. CEU training is usually measured in hours which are recognized as

credits towards higher certifications.


Addiction Blog


Visit our blog regularly to find blogs, articles, video clips, interviews and ACCSA news updates. We would like to hear your thoughts on many of the topics that will be posted by our team. 


National On-Site Training


ACCSA will facilitate on-site training at facilities in most locations around South Africa. These venues can include treatment facilities, hospitals, schools, clinics, businesses and more.


Internship Referral


With the help of networking with BAPSA, students who are registered members of BAPSA can be assisted with the added service of internship, or trainee referral to treatment facilities across the country.


Workshops & Seminars


ACCSA can be requested to host or facilitate topic specific workshops or seminars at any venue across the country. Contact us with your specific needs, and our team will do our utmost to suit your requirements. 




A new service that will become available in 2016 are online workshops or seminars, that are more cost effective and convenient than having to travel long distance in order to attend. Simply download the client application via a link to your computer, login and view the workshop live online. 




ACCSA will begin hosting both regional and national conventions annually offering services such as advertising and marketing opportunities, local and international speakers, workshops, exhibitions and referral services, to name but a few. Contact us for more information.


Referral Resources


Through education and other services, ACCSA has large database of addiction related services across the globe. Drop us a mail if you are looking for any particular services in the area around you and we will try to assist you in finding what you need.


Online Store


A new addition to the ACCSA website, we will continue to find and add useful products and services to our new online store. Contact us if you have any suggestions or products you would like to see or sell here.


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