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Board of Addiction Professionals South Africa
If you would like to apply for BAPSA membrership, simply click the link below. Fill out the application, and send it to BAPSA.

Board of Addiction Professionals South Africa (BAPSA)


ACCSA is proudly approved by BAPSA.


BAPSA promotes addiction education in South Africa and as gesture of collaboration, allowed us to give our students this incentive. 


BAPSA Membership is for Addiction Professionals supporting continuous training and education in the addiction field. Members of BAPSA agree to uphold the highest level of ethics, legal and professional responsibilities in the field of addiction in South Africa. Being a member of BAPSA is a statement and commitment to strive for excellence.


Apply now at to become part of the movement to professionalise the addiction field in South Africa and set a standard we can be proud of, ensuring that people suffering with the disease of addiction can receive world class help by professionals who make it their priority to continue to evolve and learn, be responsible and protect the integrity of the addiction treatment profession in South Africa.


Any level of addiction professional can apply for membership to BAPSA. There are 10 levels of membership listed below.

BAPSA Membership Benefits:



Membership professional levels status


BAPSA membership aligns addiction professionals in relevant specializations based on scope of field, experience in the addiction field and qualification.


Legal and ethical guidance and accountability


Members of BAPSA are held accountable for both legal and ethical conduct in the addiction field. Being a member of BAPSA is a statement of commitment to the highest level of competence and development to other professionals in the field.


Education assistance and referral


BAPSA supports and promotes educational progress in the field of addiction. BAPSA lends its stamp of approval only to education providers that offer globally accepted and up to date education. We will assist professionals in our field to further their professional development continually throughout their careers.


Updates on the latest developments in the addiction field


BAPSA tracks and researches all the latest developments in the addiction field. Through education referral, social media, our newsletters and the BAPSA magazine we keep our members posted on global developments in our field.


Access to a network of addiction professionals and facilities


BAPSA currently has members registered from all addiction related professions across the country and offers employment referral between professionals and organizations. Collectively our board cover every area and field in addiction and offer each other support and guidance.


Ongoing professional knowledge base and support


BAPSA maintains a library of content to address a multitude of topics and our team are on standby to answer any queries our members may have on everything from treatment modalities to ethical and legal issues. When we cannot provide our members with a solution, we will draw on the experience and knowledge of other members who can help. Send us queries on any topic or service, and we will source what you need.



Employment Referral


BAPSA offers employment referral to its registered members as an additional service to both members and organizations. Members can send us their details and credentials, which will be added to our list of candidates and made available to our database of organizations. Organizations can request candidates based on experience and qualification criteria. BAPSA will send them a list of available candidates to review and contact.

BAPSA Membership Levels:


Level 0 Student

No Experience or education, starting as volunteer or trainee or applying for addiction education.


Level 1 Peer Recovery Coach

(Matric) and 6 months (1000 hours) with minimum 30 Hrs CEU Peer Recovery, and Certification (ACCSA Peer Recovery Coach, IC&RC Peer Recovery, NAADAC National Peer Recovery Support Specialist or equivalent).


Level 2 Student Addiction Counsellor

Certificate and 6 Months (1000 hours) experience.


Level 3 Addiction Counsellor

Advanced Certificate (ACCSA Addiction Counsellor, IC&RC Certified Alcohol and Drug Counsellor, NAADAC National Certified Addiction Counsellor or equivalent) and 3 Years (6000 Hours) experience, or Bachelor’s degree or advanced diploma with education/training and 1.5 Years (3000 Hours) work experience in addiction counselling.


Level 4 Addiction Professional

Postgrad Diploma or Bachelors degree upwards, and 5 Years (10000 hrs) exp in addiction field.


Level 5 Addiction Clinical Supervisor

Postgrad Diploma or Honors degree and 5 Years (10000 hrs), 200 hrs supervision, or Bachelors Degree and Certification (ACCSA Addiction Clinical Supervisor, IC&RC Clinical Supervisor, NAADAC National Clinical Supervision Endorsement or equivalent).


Level 6 Professional Addiction Counsellor

Postgrad Diploma or Honors degree and between 5 Years (10000 hrs) exp and certification (ACCSA Professional Addiction Counsellor, IC&RC Certified Alcohol and Drug Counsellor II, NAADAC National Certified Addiction Counsellor II or equivalent).


Level 7 Professional Co-Occurring Disorder Counsellor

Postgrad Diploma or Honors degree and 5 Years (10000 hrs), (5000-6000 COD specific) and certification (ACCSA Co-Occurring Disorder Counsellor, IC&RC Certified Co-Occurring Disorder Professional, NAADAC National Endorsed Co-Occurring Disorders Professional or equivalent).


Level 8 Professional Co-Occurring Disorder Specialist

Masters degree and 3 Years (6000 hrs) experience and certification (ACCSA Professional Co-Occurring Disorder Specialist, IC&RC Certified Co-Occurring Disorder Professional Diplomate or equivalent).


Level 9 Addiction Prevention Specialist

Masters degree and 2 Years (4000 hrs) experience and certification (ACCSA Addiction Prevention Specialist, IC&RC Certified Prevention Specialist or equivalent).


Level 10 Professional Addiction Specialist

Masters degree and 2 Years (4000 hrs) experience and certification (ACCSA Professional Addiction Specialist, IC&RC Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counsellor, NAADAC Master Addiction Counsellor or equivalent).

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