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  • Can I get more information on courses, packages and pricing?
    Thank you for your interest in ACCSA. ACCSA offers three different Tiers of education. Tier 1 contains single course modules, Tier 2 contains course packages for those wanting to study multiple courses at a reduced rate, and Tier 3 are international certification examinations for those who meet application criteria. Courses and packages are available in two options: Online Distance Self Study Option (More affordable), and Online Seated Zoom Lecture Option for selected packages. Registration can be done online, or by requesting application forms. Option 1 - Online Distance Self Study 2024 (More Affordable) Option 2 - Zoom Seated Lectures 2024 Option 3 – ACP Addiction Counsellor Full Package Self Study Special Offer 2024 If you leave your email or contact number, we can send option details and pricing. One of our representatives will be happy to contact you for more detailed information and help you choose the best option for you. If you already provided a contact number, rest assured we will be in touch shortly.
  • What is the process to achieving international certification?
    The process in achieving international accreditation is to accumulate both education hours and experience in the addiction field specifically. The international addiction counsellor’s certification (CADC) in our 3rd Tier for example, requires 300 CEU/CPD Hours addiction specific education and 6000Hrs (3Years) supervised experience in the addiction field in order to apply. If you already meet this criteria, you may apply for the international examination. If not, and you are studying towards certification, there are two recommended options: Either take our special reduced Complete Addiction Counsellor Package, which includes all four of the counsellor packages: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Specialist (BACC, IACC, AACC, SACC). You will need to complete all four of these packages for the certification exam. Or you can split them and start with the Basic Addiction Counsellor Certificate Package (BACC) first, and complete each in order individually.
  • What is the difference between Online Self-Study, and the Zoom Lecture options?
    Courses and packages are available in two options: Online Distance Self Study Option, and Online Seated Zoom Lecture Option for selected packages. The Online Self-Study Option is a more affordable option where candidates are provided access to their course content on the Student Learning Portal. Candidates can work at their own pace through the content, and request their exam when ready. The Zoom Lecture Option offers the same as above, but includes zoom lectures which run on selected dates throughout the year. Zoom lectures are only available for certain packages, or group bookings which can be offered privately.
  • What are the "Three Tiers" offered by ACCSA?
    The First Tier - Courses The First Tier covers all addiction related topics to suit the needs of any student, whether only interested in specific topics, or for those wanting to further their education in progressing towards any international addiction certification. The Second Tier - Packages The Second Tier are specialised packages of multiple courses suited to specific needs of the candidate, whether interested in addictions counselling, general addiction related information, or other particular field related to the addiction profession. The Third Tier – International Certifications The Third Tier are the IC&RC Internationally recognised and accredited addiction certifications that most addiction professionals strive towards when specialising in the addiction field. ACCSA assists with the application process with IC&RC Boards in the United States, Canada, Europe and the UK. ACCSA facilitates the online examinations as a registered provider for ISO Quality Testing.
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