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New Course Package: Dealing With Substance Abuse in Schools 6 Hours CEU/CPD

One of the biggest problems in dealing with substance abuse in schools, is that most school staff in South Africa lack the training and education needed to deal with the problem adequately. When and how can we conduct a search or drug test? What are the options thereafter? How do we handle the outcomes appropriately? What is an intervention?

The Substance Abuse in Schools Package consists of two modules, being Substance Abuse Prevention and Intervention, and Dealing with Substance Abuse in Schools. Combined, the package is approximately 6 Hours long, requiring a day. The Prevention and Intervention Module covers prevention principles and risk factors, guidelines on planning of prevention and application of prevention programs. The second portion of the module covers brief interventions, motivational interviewing and core components of interventions.

The Dealing with Substance Abuse in Schools Module then explores substance use in South Africa and schools, factors and consequences of substance abuse, as well as national and international policies around substance abuse with minors. The module then also covers local legislature and law in schools (addressing issues such as drug searches and testing). Lastly, the module explores strategies and programs for prevention in schools specifically. The two modules offer 6 Hours of CEU/CPD credit.

ACCSA offers on site facilitation of this package at school venues around South Africa. Contact us at for more information or bookings.

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