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Certification Process: Addiction Counselling

The Process of Accreditation

The Third Tier are the IC&RC Internationally recognized and accredited addiction certifications that most addiction professionals strive towards when specializing in the addiction field. ACCSA facilitates the application process with IC&RC Boards in the United States, and facilitates the online examinations as a registered provider for ISO Quality Testing USA.

The process in achieving international accreditation is to accumulate both education hours and experience in the addiction field specifically. The international addiction counsellor’s certification (CADC) in our Third Tier for example, requires 300 CEU/CPD Hours addiction specific education and 6000Hrs (3Years) supervised experience in the addiction field in order to apply. If you already meet this criteria, you may apply for the international examination. If not, you can start either with our First Tier doing courses individually, or take one of the packages in the Second Tier.

Work While You Study

It is recommended that during studies, candidates find volunteer or trainee positions in any formal setting focusing on substance abuse. This can be in a treatment centre, outreach program or otherwise. This enables the candidate to accumulate education credit and experience hours simultaneously.

Online or Seated Training

ACCSA courses are offered in both seated and online options. There are pro's and con's to each. These are:

Seated Learning

Pro: Seated learning gives more credit, due to the duration of interactive classes

Pro: Candidates absorb content faster by attending the lectures, completing modules faster

Con: Seated courses only run certain dates throughout the year

Con: Seated learning is more costly, including printed manuals, food and beverages etc.

Online Learning

Pro: Runs 24/7, Candidates can begin at any time, and work at their own pace

Pro: Seated learning is online, and content is digital, making it more cost effective

Con: Seated learning gives slightly less credit

Con: Seated learning takes longer, as although we are available for consultation, it takes longer to complete modules

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