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Addiction Help - (ACRA) Addiction Consulting and Referral Agency


ACRA will provide everything you need, for the family and the addicted loved one. Offering screening and assessment, counselling, outpatient services, family support, treatment referral, and then post-treatment aftercare and support. No matter what stage you are in this process, ACRA can help!

Originally known as Addiction Counselling Services (ACS), founded in 2015 by Bradley Webster, the foundation of the company was built on personal experience from working in the field of addiction as well as Bradley being a recovering addict who has multiple years of recovery from active addiction. Bradley himself has also been subject to various types of therapy and treatment ranging from inpatient rehab to outpatient and half way house treatment. It has been through this process that Bradley has developed a passion to help others achieve that same freedom.

In 2016, Addiction Counselling Services teamed up with South Africa's top addiction education provider ACCSA to create ACRA. Combining resources and expertise, with help from the Board of Addiction Professionals South Africa, ACRA was started with the initiative to provide quality all round services to address the needs of the addict, their family and loved ones from the start to finish of their lifelong journey in addiction recovery.

Furthermore ACRA extends their services towards creating awareness and education on drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse from grass-roots levels in schools up to the corporate environment, we also offer individual one on one addiction counselling services. ACRA believes that the more people that are exposed to information on addiction and understands it as a disease; the less the addict and family will suffer from the stigma and prejudice associated with addiction.



Addiction Consulting & Referral Agency (ACRA) will arrange with the family/friend/employer to confront the addict or alcoholic in a skilled, dignified and empathetic way, with the goal of breaking the chains of denial and assisting the addict to make the decision to change his / her life by entering into programme of treatment. ACRA is linked with various inpatient treatment centers to assist with placements and securing admission.


A fact finding one on one session to decide what type of preferred treatment the individual will most benefit from.

Referrals and liaising with other service providers and professionals:

Following the assessment a referral can be made. In the event of a detoxification requirement, psychiatric assessment, based on the client’s mental and physical well-being and immediate needs, a referral to an inpatient facility could be the desired goal.

School awareness and education campaigns:

Assisting schools with creating programmes for specific learners identified as potentially having a substance abuse problem. We may also assist schools with assessing and counselling learners on the school premises.

Employee Assistance Programs:

Assisting employers in the corporate environment to offer counselling services based on the company premises to employees experiencing substance abuse difficulties. ACRA also offers to participate in Wellness Days or Awareness Campaigns.

Family Support​

ACRA hosts a Family Education and Support meeting every Thursday evening from 6:00pm-7:00pm. This group offers education on various topics related to substance abuse, as well as affording family members the opportunity to help one another through sharing experiences and lessons they have learnt.

Individual Counselling:

Should loved ones require individual counselling with an experienced counsellor; this can be arranged as a separate service.

Couples Counselling:

Addiction has a devastating effect on relationships. Marriages or partnerships are often in severe need of repair as a result of the breakdown in trust. ACRA will aim to provide counselling to begin mending some of this damage.

For more information visit, or call 074 265 6628.

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